Business Partners

albemarle with presents

Today's Jackson Intermediate students are tomorrow's businessmen and women, and Albemarle employees are proud to help them prepare for their careers.

At Albemarle, we take this approach in everything we do.  From solving really tough chemical problems for our customers, to helping our communities solve pressing social and educational problems.

We can do that.  This single-minded, "can-do" attitude drives Albemarle's leadership in community activities.  Through community programs like United Way, American Heart Walk, Hazardous Material Collection Day, National Chemistry Week, Texas Recycle Day, and our corporate partnership with Jackson Intermediate, we hope to pass along that "can-do" attitude to the people of Pasadena.

Commitment is more than just a word at Albemarle.  It's a way of life.

We would like to thank all are business partners for making this year such a huge success.

Thank you partners, we look forward to another great year.

Albemarle Mentor Luncheons

Each month, Jackson Students have the opportunity to eat lunch with mentors from Albemarle.  During this time they are also provided with an insight into different roles in the community and the skills and training required for those positions. 

Thank you ALBEMARLE!