Student Supply List

Supplies needed for 2015-2016

    1.  1 and one half Inch Binder (or larger)        
    2.  Notebook Paper
    3.  Pencil bag for binder                   
    4.  Dividers
    5.  Blue or black pens                       
    6.  12 Pencils (#2 with erasers)
    7.  Red ballpoint pen                        
    8.  Yellow highlighters
    9.  1 box tissue (for homeroom)
   10. 1 big eraser (for math, Ex. Eraser pencil, magic rub, pink pearl)  
   11.  Ear Buds   

TABLETS - will be distributed September 11th.  The parent agreement and insurance fee will be collected prior to tablet distribution.         

Backpacks - Parents, Students will not need a backpack.  

Binders, along with Id's and other supplies, will be required each day for each class period.