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Online Learning -Edgenuity
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Friday, March 20, 2020 12:01:31 PM
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Online Learning -Edgenuity

We hope you are all well.  We miss seeing your child daily in hallways.  We want to share some information about the curriculum your child will have next week.  We have been on virtual meetings with district administrators as we prepare for distance learning.  We want to inform you about some things we will have next week. 

First of all, you should have received a message from your band and orchestra directors to pick up instruments.  Also, coaches will be contacting students that left their tablets at school.  In order to keep you, your child and teachers safe, we will take what you need to your car. 

Administrators, counselors and teachers are and will be preparing to meet your child’s needs for next week.  All students will be online to complete their assignments.  Let your child know to check their district email very often.  Email, video conferencing are a few forms of communication we will use to meet your child's needs.  We will be posting on our Jackson website answers to questions you may have. 


 Be assured that more information will be coming to you.  We want to make sure that any information for you is as accurate as possible prior to posting or sending messages.  Our campus is closed to phone calls.  We would appreciate emails at this time until we can have another form of communicating.  Our emails are on Jackson’s website.  Please email the grade level assistant principal or counselor.

 Our teachers will be available next week for your questions.  More information will be coming.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.